Bridal Motivation

*All Bridal Motivation posts can be found by clicking on the “Bridal Motivation” category on the right side of the home page. Below is the first installment:

I’ve had my first request as a blogger!

Below is a request from a reader for a new series:

So I’ve been enjoying your blog… I’m a dedicated fan!  I have an idea though.  Maybe make a section called Bridal Motivation and middle it after those self help tapes.  For each week you could have a theme and blog about it…
“this week I will love my bridesmaids like I love myself.”
“this week I will recognize taffeta as the choice wedding material.”
Just a thought!

Well, Keisha, I think I am going to take your idea and run with it!

The first Bridal Motivation I have to share with you is:

Count your blessings… literally!

Throughout the beginning stages of planning… we had to work out a budget, and date. Part of that is deciding how many people you invite at how many dollars per plate… The hardest part of hoping for a destination wedding is that it limits the number of people that we can invite… I mean, really limits! Of course, we’re still planning on a WV reception party for those unable to travel… but so many times this past week I’ve caught myself saying “I can not narrow this list down! I just can’t!” The point of a destination ceremony is (other than that it means so much to us) that it is important to us that it be a very intimate.

Even if that isn’t our final decision, we will still be making an actual guest list at some point. I’ve been so nervous that I would forget someone… or unintentionally offend someone. As soon as Keisha gave me the idea for this series, I realized that this is the most pressing issue for me. I shouldn’t be stressed that I’ve had to admit that we want a destination ceremony… or that I will someday have to make (and maybe cut down) a guest list. Instead: I should be grateful.

I should be grateful that Kevin and I have so many wonderful people in our lives that even writing them all down can be a challenge. I should be grateful that we have such amazing people in our lives that care enough about us to want to share in our special day. I should be grateful that we have so many options for celebrating with family and friends. I should be grateful that we are employed, enabling us to pay for a wedding. I should be grateful that we’ve found each other. I should be grateful for every day that I’m able to live the rest of my life with the man that made it complete.

So, instead of finding problems throughout my planning: I’m going to just be glad I’m able to do so, and Count My Blessings… Literally.


2 Responses to Bridal Motivation

  1. Aunt Debbie says:

    Planning can be very difficult. Especially with large families. Bottom line, it is your day. The final decissions have to be what is right for the two of you. What makes you guys happy.

    • Bilqis Fassassi says:

      Hi! I’m watching your Say Yes to the Dress show, and you look gorgeous. Honestly. I really hope you realize it too:) Don’t listen to whoever said those mean things to you or to anyone else who says anything negative. You sound like you’re happy and certainly blessed to be with your love and you should and will look amazing on your special day. Good luck!!!!

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