About the Groom

Kevin and I met in college.

Turns out, its really odd that we hadn’t met a year or so earlier. We shared so many mutual friends. I worked with a couple of guys that were good friends with his roommates. We regularly went to his apartment to watch tv, sporting events, and play video games (wii was all the rage then!). The thing is though: Kevin had a job back home that he worked on the weekends. He was gone every single time that I was there!

We met at a tailgate party before a WVU Football game. It was the December 1, 2007 game against Pitt. (We lost that game, by the way.) We were all huddled together under the WVU tent trying to eat, drink, and be merry… around a heater! After standing right beside Kevin for quite some time without an introduction I said:

“Hi, I’m Amy. You gonna stand by me all day and not introduce yourself, or what?”

Kevin grinned and replied:

“Yes, I am… and now you see why.”

I guess our sarcastic style of love happened at first sight? Actually…no. I was fresh out of a relationship, really busy with school, and having a relationship was about as appealing to me as a rootcanal. The same for Kevin, if my memory serves correct. We did speak again later that day as another friend told a story from one of our hangouts the previous week, I casually mentioned to Kevin that we regularly hungout at the Fishbowl (a local dive bar/restaurant)… every Monday to be exact.

Funny thing… Kevin showed up at the Fishbowl that very Monday, and ‘somehow’ I ended up sitting right beside him! (Maybe we call this “supported fate”?)

A group of us at the famous Fishbowl!

After that night at the Fishbowl, Kevin just kept popping up here and there. Funny for a kid that I thought didn’t really exist until that football game. I used to even joke with his roommates, and say that they paid rent for a third room so that it seemed like they had friends! We had several ‘dates’ (even though neither of us would call them that) that were secret. We would be with the entire group, but no one knew we messaged via facebook before or after the event. We had a Mario Party wii tournament amongst the friends in which Kevin and I decided to be partners. Kevin was Princess Daisy so that I could be Princess Peach… Our team name was the Damsels in Success.

The Damsels in Success

Finals week rolled around, and we decided to meet in the library since we were both going there to study. (Later, we both admitted that we never used the library… we just figured the other did.) When we left the library (after little studying, and many nasty stares from the people we were distracting by talking…) we stood outside in the cold and talked for at least 45 minutes. I mentioned that my building had free study snacks, and I was pretty psyched about it. When I got home I sent Kevin a text message:

“1. Thanks for studying with me 2. The snacks here suck 3. I think you’re cute”

I said to my friend, “Should I say this?” and read the message. She said, “Only if you never want to hear from him again. That’s lame.” Unfortunately, I asked should I say it…after I had said it. He automatically called me, and in a panic mode I just snapped my phone shut. He called again, and I ignored it –straight to voicemail. He left a message saying he thought I was cute too…

This picture has nothing to do with this part of the story...

Our first alone date was initiated by me when I asked Kevin to go to the mall with me to buy some shampoo before I headed home for Christmas Break. (You know, the ole “wanna buy some shampoo” pickup line?) The weather was supposed to get bad, so I was staying in town an extra night to wait it out. Kevin said his mom also suggested that he stay in town (we’d been dating about two years when he told me that wasn’t true.) We went to dinner at Cheddar’s, and then back to my place to watch Christmas movies. We had a Christmas Movie Marathon, and by 3:00am I’m thinking “I think I might want this guy to kiss me…” If he wanted to kiss me… he sure had me fooled. He finally got around to it after nearly every holiday movie that I had, and right around the time the clock struck 7:00am. After a completely clear night, it actually started to snow then… and we decided we both should get on the road. (You know, in the actual bad weather… and with no sleep.)

A couple Christmases later...

The first time that I met his family was at his younger sister’s senior prom. We had been dating ‘officially’ for around 4 months. I was very nervous to make a good impression, and was sweating like it was my job. As we got closer to Wheeling, I got closer to vomiting. We pulled up, and the family was already outside taking photos of Kari and her date. We walked into the yard, and I stayed just a few steps behind Kevin. I imagined that they wouldn’t see me, and we wouldn’t have to go through the awkward meeting… but my fantasy was cut short when Kari yelled out, “Amy has a tattoooooo!!!! I want a tattoo!!!” I remember thinking, “Well, there you have it. Shortest run in history… I’ve made my impression as the tattooed floozy that Kevin brought home from college. It was nice while it lasted. Note to self: before meeting my next boyfriend’s family… I should put some makeup on my foot to avoid being judged by the tattoo on it.” I didn’t have time to wallow in self pity; before I knew it I was being hugged by Kevin’s mom… and I truly felt welcome.

I have ever since.


2 Responses to About the Groom

  1. Katie P. says:

    I love hearing that text message story — I think it is awesome and cute. I remember the first time you told me about I couldnt believe you had done it.

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