… The Canvas

Yesterday, I promised to give you the whole shebang on my wedding makeup.

So let’s get down to it, shall we?

The Canvas

I’ve always heard make-up artists say that having a good foundation is where great make-up starts. For months I had been taking extra care to use my Clarisonic, Proactiv, and a good moisturizer. That morning, I washed my face regularly patted on a tiny bit of moisturizer and waited a good bit for it to dry. I followed with the Make-Up Forever HD line. First, I put on the Primer, waited, and then followed with the HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Make-Up Forever also has a starter kit that has everything you need if you’re new to the line. I had the foundation in shade 155 , and I was able to get a sample of one shade lighter (153) and one shade darker (160) in case I needed them. I actually used all three to help highlight and contour.

Make-Up Forever HD Starter Kit.Photo Courtesy Sephora.com

Make-Up Forever HD Starter Kit.
Photo Courtesy Sephora.com

Once I had on the foundation I touched up under my eyes with bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face Powder in Well Rested. It is a great product for canceling out dark circles under your eyes, and I also used it to highlight on my cheekbones, nose, and around my mouth. Instead of shimmer, it uses a yellow-tone to lighten. Everything I read stressed the importance of avoiding anything too shimmery on your wedding day, so that you don’t look shiny (aka greasy) in all those photos you’re paying so much for!

bareMinerals Warmth and Well Rested.

bareMinerals Warmth and Well Rested.

After I was all highlighted, I used bareMinerals All-Over Face Color Warmth to contour. I did the classic kissey-face, and put it under my cheekbones, around my temple, on my chin, and on each side of my nose. (For a good tutorial on highlighting/contouring click here for the famous Kardashian pinterest pin. It really does work wonders!)

Smashbox Blush Rush
Bright Fuchsia
Photo Courtesy Sephora.com

Just for added security, I added a small amount of bareMinerals Matte Foundation to my forehead, nose, and jawline. To get a little glow, I brushed a tiny bit of Smashbox Blush Rush (bright fuchsia) onto the apples of my cheeks. This is the only thing that I used that contained sparkle/shimmer. It was very subtle, so I thought I could break the rule.

Urban Decay All Nighter
Makeup Setting Spray
Photo Courtesy Sephora.com

To finish everything off (after eyes and lips), I dusted my face with Make-Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder. This translucent powder is great to set your whole face! The very last thing that I did was mist my face with Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray.

So there you have it!

Drop by tomorrow for Eyes and Lips!

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