… Wedding Videographer Promo!

Since we were so limited in those able to be with us for the wedding (minus the amazing Jordan running Skpye), we really wanted a video to be able to share with our friends and family so that they could see the real wedding — not just pictures.

When doing tons and tons of research, Kevin stumbled onto STVS Video, a company that often works in cooperation with Chapman Photography. They had great reviews on all of the boards, were given awards (including from theknot.com — which is kind of like the wedding bible), and had very reasonable prices!

They film in HD, put a hidden mic on Kevin so that you will actually hear our vows, and even followed us all day. While they will make a wedding video that I’m sure will be amazing, we also were able to purchase the raw footage so that we could use it in any way that we want.

The following video is basically a sneak peek that Stan threw together for us within a couple of days after the wedding! We watched it on my phone while riding the monorail to Magic Kingdom! (it is also a bit of a promo for them too, so ignore the music and shameless plugs on my part at the end)

I think the video will be awesome,

and I can’t wait to see the finished result!

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