… and a series of commercials?

When it came to our Disney Fairytale Wedding, we were super lucky in finding photographers and videographers! Over the next few days, I’m going to detail our experience with each one! Lets start with Ceremony Photography, shall we?

I love the lighthearted sense of happiness that this photo has!

I love the lighthearted sense of happiness that this photo has!

For the ceremony we hired the wonderful, Mr. Randy Chapman of Chapman Photography. Randy has been shooting Disney Weddings for years and years, so he brought some awesome experience and ideas to the table. We mostly were just along for the ride! He took so many creative photos that I don’t have the time (or web space) to post them all!

Boardwalk Empire?

Boardwalk Empire?

The only two pictures that I requested were: The Bridesmaid Poster Copy, and the Groomsmen gushing over Kevin’s ring like little ladies. Everything else Randy came up with on his own! He was AMAZING!



Look at that sparkle!

Look at that sparkle!

Randy also has a blog that is really neat! (it is particularly helpful for those of you looking on a tablet or phone that doesn’t support flash. His website is super fancy… too fancy for a smartphone, but the blog loads just fine!)

Expect many more posts with photos!

I can’t wait to share them all with you!

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