… and I’m married!

Today is the first day of our pseudo-honeymoon/family vacation!

A Monday that will not stink as much as the typical one!

haha! that is the best name I had for it right now. I wanted to keep you up to date with everything that we will be doing this week, so here is the run-down for Monday:

We will start the day off at EPCOT. Yes, we were there last night, but we were sort of busy stuffing ourselves with all of the delicious desserts. We didn’t see much of anything!

Today we will enjoy some of our favorites! Kevin (actually, the entire Gessler family) is super excited to ride the newly reopened Test Track! A little birdy told us that they should have it open even though it doesn’t have an ‘official’ Grand Opening until the 6th. I will enjoy making my parents watch Captain EO, and know that my dad will LOVE the Living with the Land Boat Tour just as much as I do! (Its all about gardening and agriculture!, so most people probably think it is super boring!) Everyone will enjoy visiting Disneyland in California on Soarin’ Before we take a trip around the world at the World Showcase! We will do tons and tons of other things, but I surely won’t miss a chance to get a picture taken with Stitch!

I have a picture with Stitch during every single trip to Disney World that I’ve ever been on!

Check out everything to do at EPCOT!

After a full day at EPCOT, we will make our way over to Magic Kingdom park to watch the Electrical Parade, and then catch the showing of Wishes! If we’re lucky they’re doing Celebrate the Magic before Wishes!

This is going to be a LONG week, but how can you complain when you’re spending it at the most magical place on earth?

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