… and a birthday party?!?!?!

yup, because that is just how we roll!

Today happens to be Daddy’s Birthday, and Mom’s isn’t far behind! (She celebrates on Dec. 5th)

I’ve been just a little sneaky by not mentioning their birthdays once. I haven’t acknowledged them, or the fact that we would be in Disney World for them. They probably think I am the worst daughter ever, right?!?!?!? Bridezilla over here! I am convinced that they think that I’ve gotten caught up in the Fairy Tale world and have forgotten their special days. No way!

I will quickly acknowledge the birthdays this morning as we have coffee. I plan to say something like “I’m really sorry that I got so busy with everything else that I didn’t even remember a card for your special days!”

I’ve called ahead (months ago) and Disney knows that we’re celebrating birthdays. We have “I’m Celebrating” and “Happy Birthday” pins waiting, a card from Mickey and Minnie (of course), and we’re having a birthday cake delivered (thanks, Meredith!). I even have presents and special ‘Disney Themed’ birthday cards. We’re having the party outside at the resort.

This should be okay for a birthday party, right?
Photo courtesy of http://www.orlandosentinel.com

I hate to have been so mean in keeping it a secret, so I hope it turns out to be a real surprise!

Later tonight we’re going to explore the area a little, and visit all of the area hotels for the Gingerbread Tours that I mentioned before! Disney also has a pretty amazing blog post completely devoted to Gingerbread if you have the time to check it out!

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