… and even presents?!?!?!

I honestly have to say that I may be one of the luckiest people on the planet. I am surrounded by some super amazing people, and that is what I’ve been thankful for all month long. (No, I wasn’t boycotting the sharing all of the amazing things that I’m grateful for all over facebook… but I have far more than 30, AND I just didn’t have time.)

This past week I was shocked to receive a wedding gift. The gifts and warm wishes kept coming all week, and I am just baffled that so many amazing people pay enough attention to what is going on to know the timeline and theme for our wedding. I am one lucky girl.

Our first gift was on Thanksgiving. Kevin’s Aunt Pam and Uncle Jim got us an amazing Lenox Christmas Ornament (see below) and Lenox Crystal Vase that was etched to read ‘Amy & Kevin December 2, 2012’ (I’m scared to do anything but look at the box for fear of breaking it). Kevin’s cousin Michael and his wife Jenny also gave us a lovely card and gift.

“Its etched, you’ve gotta go through with it now.”

On Sunday, I went to make dinner for Adrienne, Chris, Kevin, and Tim. Right after dinner, Adrienne gave me a beautiful vintage Mickey and Minnie snowglobe. Unfortunately, I forgot it at her house, and can’t find a picture of it online. The bottom says, “And They Lived Happily Ever After” and it has a 50’s style Mickey and Minnie inside.

While I was over at Adrienne’s, one of my staff members sent me a text message. “We have something for you.” I thought someone may have sent me some leftover Thanksgiving treats or something. My mind was blown when they showed me an AMAZING wreath that was peacock themed. A big thank you needs to go out to Hilari and Jordan for carrying it, but more importantly to the DIY-Sisters, Hobby-Bobbi and Crafty-Jackie, (better known to their families as Bobbi Cooper and Jackie Barton). Not only will it be awesome at our wedding receptions, but it will look amazing to reuse every winter.

This is my happy face.
Isn’t this wreath amazing?

Today I got a couple of gifts. Alexis sent me an amazing “Car Survival Kit” to help me on the Road Trip to Orlando. The bag has everything from bottled water, chapstick, gum, and snacks to coloring and activity books (Disney Princess, of course). Alexis is already giving me the best gift anyone could. The peace of mind that Daisy and the kitties are taken care of. We usually pawn them off on Kevin’s mom, but since she is going to be at the wedding… I need someone I can trust with my critters. Alexis is willing to stay at our house and deal with everything. For that I’m eternally grateful.

It also has a sleep mask, ear plugs, and even a stocking!

I also received a gift from a (very thoughtful) fellow bride, Samantha. She delivered an invitation to her wedding at the exact same time, so I am just impressed that she remembered that other people exist while planning her wedding… let alone that I’m getting married, too! Sam gave me a beautiful Hallmark Mickey Collector’s Ornament. She also got us Mickey Thank You Notes and Disney Stamps. Leave it to another bride to realize just how much you need thank you notes come this stage of a wedding. You think she will be disappointed if I send her a thank you note on the gift she gave me? 😉

Mickey Cards, Stamps, and Ornament!

Yup, I’m pretty lucky. Gift or no gift, I have so many people sending me warm wishes and congratulating me. I sure do know some awesome people.

Now if I can just get people to stop asking:

“So I bet you’re really nervous now, huh?”

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