Ashley Chapman

Ashley Chapman

Miss Chapman

Ashey and I met decades ago roaming the halls of Glade Elementary School. Our friendship nearly didn’t survive the fight that ensued in 5th grade when I wrote “Ashley loves Mr. Hamrick” on the chalkboard. Turns out, it wasn’t a lie… all of the 5th grade ladies were smitten with Mr. Hamrick… however, it was a bit awkward when Ashley eventually ended up teaching with Mr. Hamrick and I reminded her of the fight that we had! Through ups and downs, make-ups, break-ups, millions of borrowed clothing items, trials, tribulations, and parties… we’ve been through it all together. Ashley and I walked down the graduation aisle together when it was time to say goodbye to high-school, and I was there when Ashley walked down the aisle to her high-school sweetheart and said goodbye to adolescence. I was there when Ashley gave birth to her wonderfully amazing daughter (Princess) Zoey, and I will be there when Ashley adds a brother or sister (I really think Brother) to the family this coming October. For obvious reasons Ashley will be unable to make it to the ceremony in Florida, but will be there in spirit. She will be fulfilling all of her bridesmaids duties back in WV!

Ashley is currently employed at the Nicholas County Department of Health and Human Resources. She has a bachelors in Behavioral Sciences from Glenville State College where she was a recipient of the McKelvy Scholarship, on the President’s, Vice President’s, and Provost’s Honors Lists.
In her free time Ashley enjoys time with her family, being outdoors, and is working on unpacking in her newly purchased first home!

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