Kari Gessler

Kari Gessler

Miss Gessler

Kari and I met the night of Kari’s Senior Prom! It also was the first time I met Kevin’s family. Kari just so happens to be Kevin’s sister! When I met Kari, Kevin and I had been dating ‘officially’ for around 4 months. I was very nervous to make a good impression, and was sweating like it was my job. As we got closer to Wheeling, I got closer to vomiting. We pulled up, and the family was already outside taking photos of Kari and her date. We walked into the yard, and I stayed just a few steps behind Kevin. I imagined that they wouldn’t see me, and we wouldn’t have to go through the awkward meeting… but my fantasy was cut short when Kari yelled out, “Amy has a tattoooooo!!!! I want a tattoo!!!” I remember thinking, “Well, there you have it. Shortest run in history… I’ve made my impression as the tattooed floozy that Kevin brought home from college. It was nice while it lasted. Note to self: before meeting my next boyfriend’s family… I should put some makeup on my foot to avoid being judged by the tattoo on it.” I didn’t have time to wallow in self pity; before I knew it I was being hugged by Kevin’s mom… and the rest is history.

This doesn’t happen to be one of those “Oh, it’s the groom’s sibling… so they’re included.” No way! Kari has been nothing but welcoming from the day she met Amy, and they truly have grown to become sisters.
Kari is a recent graduate from West Liberty University. While at West Lib. she was very involved in the Allegro Dance Company, the Nu Theta Chapter of Chi Omega, the theater program, and was a Resident Assistant.

In her free time Kari plays on her new mac, babysits, works at the park, enjoys photography (Kevin and I are taking full advantage of this…), and works on her blog devoted to The Arts.

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