Adrienne Duckworth

Adrienne Duckworth

Miss Duckworth

Adrienne and I met at Arnold Hall. Adrienne was a freshmen student there and attended lots of programming (and the Greys Anatomy club) that I advised. The next year Adrienne worked for me. It was clear that she was an outstanding, responsible, trustworthy, and caring person, and she quickly became my Right Hand Man. Those same employment characteristics sure do make for a great friend… Unfortunately, because of her position at the university it was important that we remain strictly professional, so we avoided “being personal” for a few years. The second Adrienne was no longer employed with the university I said “um, you want to be my friend… right?” Maybe she just felt guilty saying no… because even after everything I had put her through in the last three years:

Adrienne said yes.

Adrienne just finished her BSN at West Virginia University. While there she worked on a minor in leadership studies, led a Relay for Life team every year, was a Ms. Mountaineer Finalist, worked on research regarding perinatal partner-focused smoking cessation interventions, was a part of the Puskar Leadership Scholars Program, and received a WVU Foundation Outstanding Senior Award. She has accepted a position working as Registered Nurse at UHC, and will be working as a Graduate Assistant in the Leadership Studies Program while she attends the WVU in the DNP Program.
In her free time she is working, caring for her two roommates ‘the manboys’ (even if they are in graduate programs in Pharmacy and Engineering), and helping me with all things wedding… so it’s safe to say she is still my Right Hand Man. Adrienne is the pseudo-Matron of Honor for countless reasons. She has been nothing but helpful throughout this process, and the special name is because she will be planning a wedding of her own following the Skeens-Gessler Wedding Shendig. Looks like I will have the chance to repay her!

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