Wow… it is official!

The only things left to do before getting married are to finish up some favors, pack, and get to Florida!

Okay, it isn’t exactly that easy, but I’m trying to make a point here. I’m trying to point out that we have finalized soooo many of the things for the wedding and parties. We’re also about to make our final payment, and be about done with that. DONE. Which means I should stop looking at those numbers after that dollar-sign and imagining all of the shoes I could buy…

(Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that you aren’t quite up-to-date with where we are when it comes to catching up, but there happen to be just a few things I am so excited to share. I’ve decided to jump-the-gun chronologically, and tell you a little about my week!)

This week alone, we’ve picked music for the ceremony and first dance, finalized transportation, made our floral selections, built our custom menu, finalized photography and videography, picked our cake, and TONS more!

Now, here’s the thing… I’m working a lot on putting together so many surprises for our guests, and I am sooooooo excited to show them to you… but it would kind of ruin the surprise for them… so until wedding time… you’re just going to have to wait! Sorry!

What I can give you is a brief overview of the trip. That should keep you entertained for now, right?

Nov. 29: My Parents and I are hitting the road first thing in the morning.

Not the road to the airport… oh no. I mentioned earlier that I love road-tripping! Dad hates flying… so this is a plus for him, but I also do not trust checked baggage with all of the essentials I will need in Florida! We’re stopping a little over half-way to stay in Hilton Head on the beach.

Nov. 30th: Back on the road!

We’re slated to get to Orlando a little after noon (depending on how many potty and coffee breaks we need…) We will be staying in the Art of Animation Resort. It is Disney’s Newest Value Resort, and I HAD TO STAY THERE! There are Finding Nemo, Cars, Lion King, and Little Mermaid rooms. I mean, this place is just… the coolest! Biggest Pool, Music Underwater, and so many neat things to check out. For that reason, and that reason alone… we’re checking it all out and taking the day easy at ‘home’. Some of the guests will be arriving in town, so I’m sure we will do dinner and hang out! (Luckily, Meredith and Sam already checked out the food at Art of Animation… so we know its great! I told you they were awesome!) Later that evening, we will also likely go on a tour of all of the resorts that have Gingerbread Displays like the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary Resort, Beach Club, and Yacht Club.

I don’t need a room! I’m staying right here! Photo Courtesy

Dec. 1: Day Before Wedding

Kevin and his family will arrive to town, and the rest of our guests will join us. We will be checking into the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa (this name should ring a bell because Kevin proposed there). These “Treehouses” are peppered in around the grounds in the woods for a true cabin feel. We have a deck, grill, and all the privacy we could want.

This is some of the cabin at the Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. Photo Courtesy:

This is where we will have our rehearsal dinner… sans rehearsal. Yup! I decided that rehearsing is as stressful as not, and opted not to. I mean, what is there to rehearse? I say to the girls (who just happen to be amazingly bright on top of their good-looks) “when this song plays… you walk down the aisle.”  I trust them. I know many of you are literally sweating right now, right? “WAIT, this girl is putting this much time and effort into an amazing wedding, and isn’t going to rehearse it?!?!?!?!”

Nope, I’m not. Feel free to step away to catch your breath. I feel like it will only make me nervous to ‘run through’ it all. Plus, I will forever have the ability to say that it was all completely natural. I won’t be facing Kevin ‘practicing’ vows or ‘pretending’ to marry him. The first time it happens will be the only time, and to me nothing could be more beautiful. We will run down the list of “The organist plays this, and you do that” and “The violinist plays this, and you leave.” type deal, but we’re doing it over pizza and beer. Who needs a $6k rehearsal dinner? Not this guy! I want good food that people like, and I want to enjoy our time together!

The girls and I will stay in the cabin, while the boys go elsewhere.


It’s here! We will get up early to get ready for the wedding, the limo will pick us up, and off to the Wedding Pavilion we go! We will start the ceremony at noon.

After the ceremony we will be heading over to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and we will have a private terrace overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon. While there we will do the cake cutting, toasts, and our first dance. It will be pretty informal, and we will follow it with photos.

After the toast we will all head over to the Treehouse Villa to par-tay! We’re going to (change) hang out on the deck, grill, eat, drink, and be married! After our bellies are full and we’ve relaxed some we will head on off to EPCOT resort where we’ve booked the Moroccan Terrace for a Private Dessert Party during the IllumiNations fireworks show.

We’re going to pretend the entire show is just for us, okay? Photo Courtesy:

After the party, our friends will stay in the cabin while Kevin and I go and stay at the Beach Club, which is right off the Boardwalk, has a private beach, and we can take a boat instead of walking, driving, or riding a bus!

The rest of the week we are planning on hitting every park, seeing all the shows, having a special Fantasmic viewing, and ending the trip with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (You have to check this one out…it is rumored that Stitch sometimes makes an appearance as Santa, which would really make my life complete.) Afterwards, we will go our separate ways, and head home.

No, not even marriage will get Kevin to drive home with me.

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