so whats next?

I’ve promised you a chronological update on all that I’ve been doing wedding-wise. I took you to the beginning of October with our trip to New York City… so the next thing to talk about is a week after that when we decided to jet-set down to Orlando for some wedding planning. Okay, I’m lying. Our wedding planner is awesome… in theory, I could have planned my entire shendig by phone and email. My multiple trips to Florida that I’ve attributed to ‘wedding planning’ were really just to have fun!

So what happens in October that would draw me to Florida? How about… HALLOWEEN!!!!

Disney decorates everything! Even the entrance was outrageous!

It wasn’t just Halloween, there was also the International Food and Wine Festival going on at EPCOT, a hair appointment, and Meredith moving. Yup, you guessed it… Samantha and I were the free labor in moving (any idea how amazing I am at packing?) in trade for free admission to the parks, discounted tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, and a place (or two… during the move) to squat instead of a hotel. You see why I keep these ladies around?

We did take some time to check out all of our favorite areas. We visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (which, at that time I hadn’t stayed at YET… but that is another post for later), ate breakfast on the beach at The Grand Floridan and Polynesian Resorts, and (of course) visited the Wedding Pavilion.

“Oohhh, this has got to be the good life…”

After packing and moving Sam and I got our hair done at the Aveda SalonSalon & Lather Lounge. That place is worth a trip to Florida! It was a zen experience complete with massage chairs and fountains. My hair was so platinum *not that it isn’t what I asked for* that it looked a little bit blue in the light of Meredith’s old apartment.

I am such a Holiday Hoe…

After the hair appointment we were soooo ready for a Halloween Party! Samantha dressed as Elphaba from Wicked and I went as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our costumes were awesome, and I was super proud of my make-up skills! Unfortunately, we were covered in about a million pounds of makeup, wore terribly uncomfortable shoes, and Meredith is still finding make-up smears in her car (which she let us use to drop her off at work and then drive around the town). The party was tons of fun, and all of my dreams were realized when more than 20 people asked me to pose with them (or their children) for pictures.

Elphaba and Sally

Hey, maybe Disney won’t hire me to play Cinderella in the parks…

but I still stand a chance as Sally!

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