Lets talk… SHOES!

I could not have timed my return to blogging better when it comes to a post about shoes.

Granted, the things are covered with the dress… but they’re UBER-important. There are tons of sensible, practical brides out there that want something comfortable. I mean, makes perfect sense, right? The last things you want to worry about on your wedding day are trips, sprained ankles, blisters, and etc. Nope, I am not one of those brides.

I am a firm believer that the higher the shoes the closer to God. Heck, I have some shoes that I can’t even walk in. I wear flats to wherever I’m going, put them on, and sit (since that is all I can do in them) pretending they don’t hurt. You think this is dumb, huh? You’re the one still reading…

Now, I’ve blogged about shoes before. You may remember this little ditty in which I talked about my dream shoes? Ah, yes… the Christian Louboutin, Very Riche in Aurora Borale. They were the perfect glass slipper! Every Princess’ Dream!!!!! Until now…

Mr. Louboutin outdid even himself with this new release of his newest homage to Princesses: The Cinderalla Glass Slipper. (Released in honor of Disney’s Cinderella Diamond Edition DVD/BluRay coming out later this fall.) These shoes are OVER-THE-TOP… I’m sure you don’t have to question whether or not I like them. The wedding world was up in arms! Either you loved em, or you hated em… but there was buzz!

The Shoe, The Legend (Photo Courtesy nydailynews.com)

There are only twenty pairs of these beauties, and it is my understanding that they aren’t for sale. They will be offered up as prizes to promote the movie. Maybe we’re talking Golden Ticket, Wonka Style. I have always hoped that I was nice and honest enough to be Charlie in said situation… If I won these would I wear them? YOU BET YOUR SWEET @$$ I WOULD! If you hate them: keep hating and wearing flip-flops no one will make you wear em! Of course, if I won them I would plaster pictures of my feet up all over… so fair warning.

Okay, dream over (for now… until I find out how to sell my soul for these shoes). Let’s get back to the Very Riche. Unfortunately, they cost $3,995.00 and well… that just doesn’t seem economical. I tried on a ‘similar’ (I use this term loosely, because they were a pathetic excuse for similar) designer pair in Pittsburgh. They lacked gems on the heel and toe, and still cost around $400.00 or so. I was appalled!

I decided: “Fine, I’ll make my own shoes.”      … Alright, you caught me. I didn’t actually make the shoes. As much as I like to live in a fairytale world… I don’t actually know shoe elves that could help me. Instead, I bought a pair of GUESS plain, nude, patent, peep-toe, slingback pumps at DSW. They ran me about $80.00.

The starter shoe. (Photo Courtesy http://www.beruly.com)


I also got some gem glue, about 10,000 gems in assorted sizes, some blue gem patterns, and set to work. Unfortunately… I couldn’t buy the patience that it took to make the shoes on Amazon… but I could buy ICYHOT, and after tons of neck-down time working on these babies… I needed that!

Just getting started…

Basically, I devoted about an hour a day for a couple months to gluing on every single gem by hand. (Adrienne helped some after I promised her I wouldn’t go all Bridezilla on her if she messed anything up.) After what seemed like an eternity… they were done! I plan to wear them to EVERYTHING wedding. With all four dresses. And maybe even to sleep in.

Amy: the amateur photographer with her cellphone camera and expert shoe-gemmer.

I Do!


I think I missed my calling, huh? I think I’ll be taking a job with Sondra Celli blinging out Gypsy clothes… (if you don’t get that… you certainly aren’t keeping up with trashy-reality filth, are you?)


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3 Responses to Lets talk… SHOES!

  1. They look great! (:

  2. How much would you say you spent total including materials? You have inspired me. Is the blue “I Do” a decal you ordered online. Think I have seen that on etsy before.

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