I’ve got some cleaning up to do…

and I don’t mean my house (of course, there is really always something that can be cleaned in my house… the trick is finding the time to do so). I mean it is about time to clean up this blog, and begin sharing my wedding planning with my friends and family again. In order to do that I have to come clean and admit that I’ve been avoiding this blog. Don’t get me wrong… I love blogging about this process and enjoy being able to share everything with all of you that mean so much to me, but I have been dreading my next blog post.

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of time to keep putting this one off… so it is just about time to share the next few pieces of my timeline with you! Of course there will be tons of wedding stuff peppered into all of my life events as I lay them out chronologically for you… because right now my life revolves around wedding. Wedding this…wedding that…wedding everything. I know it sounds completely lame, but it is totally true. Totally true to the point that I’m almost sad that eventually this whole wedding thing will be over. You see, that is kind of my thing. Sometimes I obsess about the things in my future that I can’t control. I obsess so much about the future that I can sometimes forget to live in today. The awesome part of this wedding is that I can look towards the future, dream about it, and work towards it and it is an actual tangible thing. I’m not just thinking about “Where will I be in 5 years?” The main thing is keeping me living in today and enjoying every part of this process. (So long as I don’t think too far ahead as in “What will I do when I’m done wedding planning?” … because there just so happens to be a plan for all of that too!)

So while I’m living in today and enjoying this process, you have my word that I will continue to share all of the juicy details! Coming up I’m going to talk to you about a trip to the big apple to find the big dress, a not-so-scary Halloween Party, a few trips to Florida, the addiction/God Send that is Pinterest, Christmas, an amazing pair of shoes, more dresses, a Bridal Shower, a Bachelorette Party, and tons and tons of wedding planning!

So sit tight and prepare for some MAJOR CATCHING UP!

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