Some Disney Wedding Planning Pictures

Kevin and I had a wonderful time in Florida, and were very excited to wrap up our trip with a trip to the Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion and the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Alright, I was very excited. I can’t speak for Kevin, but he did get to see a pretty nice car that you can opt into using for your wedding party.

He was in heaven with this vintage Rolls-Royce!



Beautiful, huh?



We had a chance to look at the ‘Commander’s Terrace’ which is a balcony like area in the Grand Floridian. It is actually where we could cut our wedding cake directly after the ceremony if all goes as planned.

Kevin was impressed as well.



It is a very short walk to the Grand Floridian from the Wedding Pavilion, and would be the perfect photo op. The terrace overlooks the lagoon, and has that same classy, vintage elegance of the Grand Floridian.

Inside the Grand Foridian.

We loved it!

I feel like it will be the perfect place for a quick toast and cutting the cake. We’ll then follow-up with the formal reception party. Again, it isn’t set in stone… but it is so close that I can taste that cake!

Even the floor screams a perfect happily ever after!

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One Response to Some Disney Wedding Planning Pictures

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m keeping up with you, girl! Things seem to be falling into place – and time is FLYING. It’ll be here before you know it!

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