… and another trip to Florida?

It wasn’t long after our first trip to Florida that Kevin and I were presented with the opportunity to visit Florida again. He was going to be working in Tampa for a few days, and I decided to go down with him. We flew down the weekend before he had to work so that we had some time to visit Orlando. It isn’t far between Tampa and Orlando, so we decided to drive it. I even got to double back to Orlando from Tampa one day while Kevin was working to visit my friend, Meredith. She works at Disney, and has one heck of an obsession with the place. Which is absolutely awesome because she knows all of the insider details, gets the best dinner reservations, and took me to the most delicious candy shop I’ve ever been to.

We had to stop for a quick sip of butterbeer!

This time we went to Universal Studios, as I really wanted some time to see Harry Potter World when it wasn’t as crowded like the last time we saw it. The last time that we were there it was right after the Part I of Harry Potter Seven was released in theaters. Unfortunately, this trip fell right around the same time as Part II of Harry Potter Seven was released in theaters. It was pretty much as crowded as it had been the first time, only this time it was hot and sticky… until it rained, that is. It was a less than ideal day weather and crowd-wise, but we did not let that keep us down. We had a very nice time, rode nearly everything, had some yummy food, and visited tons of great shops!

Who doesn't love the ole lobster bikini?

While in Tampa I had some issues with a new medication. Okay, actually I didn’t have any issues other than failing to read the warnings. The bottle specifically said that I was likely to become drowsy, and should avoid all sun (which was actually because of increased risk of heat-stroke). What did I decide to do? Well, I didn’t read those warnings and went out to relax by the pool. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and slept about two hours in the noon Florida sun. I brought home this little souvenir.

On our last day in Orlando before leaving to go back to Tampa we did go to Walt Disney World — I mean, we had to. It was the perfect opportunity to visit the Grand Floridian and do a little bit of scoping things for weddings, but I am going to make you wait for that.

Kevin enjoying the butterbeer. Does he have something on his lip?

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