…and a stop and Franck’s Bridal Studio

I last left off in Disney, but hadn’t done a bit of wedding planning yet! Truth is: we were enjoying ourselves so much on our vacation that we just sort of put wedding planning off for the first part of the trip. We’ve made tons and tons of little plans, but had just gotten our toes wet. Going to the Wedding Pavilion would be like jumping in head first, but we decided that we were going to have a blast planning it all. We can’t let something like this intimidate us, right?

Wedding planning shouldn't be intimidating, right?

On Wednesday of our trip we took the entire afternoon to visit the Wedding Pavilion and Franck’s Bridal Studio. Sound familiar? It is! Franck’s is a recreation of the Bridal Studio that Steve Martin visits with his daughter in the movie Father of the Bride. I found a funny clip of the movie on YouTube, and I think it sort of sums up some of the stress that comes with wedding planning! The cake costs $1200.00, and he says “Welcome to the 90’s!” to justify the price… wonder if anyone ever thought of the extravagant cakes of 2011? By that I mean $12,000.00! The studio was absolutely GORGEOUS, and (like the movie) has tons of ideas for decorations, invitations, centerpieces, plate settings, cakes, and … well… everything.

I've been excited to share this experience all summer!

Franck’s even had some of the Disney Wedding Gowns by Alfred Angelo that I featured in previous blogs. It was a nice time, and we even had some of our questions answered! Franck’s sits right beside the Wedding Pavilion, so it was just a very short walk right over! The Wedding Pavilion is between the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resorts, and sits right on the Seven Seas Lagoon. (If you’ve ever ridden the Monorail by there, they introduce it on the loud speaker.)

What a backdrop, huh? Perfect for Happily Ever Afters

The great thing is that really fits right into that old Victorian-style of the Grand Floridian that is timelessly romantic! I mean, this place is perfect for wedding pictures! Between the vintage elegance, décor, beach, and did I mention Cinderella’s Castle?

I took this myself. No Editing, No Cropping, Just Pure Beauty.

When it comes to the venue of the ceremony,

we can’t imagine a more fairytale spot.

We’re just waiting to be able to book!

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