Where Dreams Come True (no matter how many times you visit)

Right after the whole graduation ordeal I found myself with less than one week to catch up on work, and prepare for our vacation to Walt Disney World. I was still trying to relax and take it easy in hopes of being back to normal, but had a decent amount of work to prepare for. In June I present to new incoming students (and their parents) daily. I had to make sure I was completely prepared for June 1st prior to leaving for Florida! I also had Zoey’s 2nd Birthday Party to prepare for!

I think she enjoyed it!

On Friday night I was doing all my last minute packing, finishing up the cake, and realized I really was in need of an eyebrow wax. Since I wasn’t going to have time to get one (as we were driving to Webster Co. the following day, then straight back up to Morgantown to pick up stuff to take to Wheeling, then fly out EARLY Sunday morning…)I decided to do it myself. Bad move. I kept it in far too long, as I usually heat it way too much and let it cool. I was taking it out of the microwave, and accidentally dripped some of the wax onto my thumb. Without realizing what I was doing a gut-reaction-jerk spilled the entire contents on my hand. I cried like a baby. After reviewing the American Burn Center’s website, Kevin and I concluded that I needed to see a doctor. Since it was a burn on my hand, and we would be traveling (and in high traffic areas full of germs) there was high risk of hand-infection.It was awful that night, but I only kept it bandaged one day. The scars are tiny, and between my fingers… so it is like it never even happened! (it has taken me all summer to wax them again, though!)

Maybe I had more fun than Zoey — note the bandages…

We flew out on Sunday morning, and had a very nice trip. We decided not to rent a car on this trip, so instead we used the Disney Magic Express bus transportation from the airport. It really was a nice experience! We just exited our plane, and went right to the Disney Express Station. We got into a line for our resort, and waited less than 10 minutes. There were tons of TVs playing Disney movie clips, and music videos –we didn’t know any of the songs, but the kids in line behind us sure did! The best part is that we didn’t have to pick up our checked bags (Disney does it for you), and it was a totally free service!

After we got situated in the room we went straight to Epcot, as it was Star Wars Weekend celebrating the reopening of the Star Tours ride. Kevin was a kid in a candy store!

They played nice with Kevin

We did all things Star Wars including a show, the ride (a couple of times), and even met some Storm Troopers. Kevin enjoyed them… me, not so much. See the pictures below, and I think you’ll get why.

…but I ended up as a prisoner!

Throughout the trip we got a chance to hit every park a couple of times, ride nearly every ride, meet with my friend Meredith and Kevin’s friend Alex, eat lots of food,and even wedding plan just a little… but I’ll save that for next time!

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