and one dress prevails!

When we last left off I was stuck between two gowns in one day… A cap and gown for my graduation with my Masters Degree, and trying on dresses. Unfortunately,  a couple of days before the graduation I still wasn’t feeling well. After a trip to the doctor it was concluded that I was on the tail end of a case of mono! No wonder I felt like I was exhausted all of the time!

It took a couple of years to get earn that degree. A great deal of work, but even more time management skills. Full-time work and school felt like it was going to kill me! I have a new level of respect for those that work, go to school, and have children at home. It really takes a great deal of motivation. All of that work, and the actual ceremony almost seemed like it was more unbearable than the actual process. I was tired, hot, and the second that I got out there in front of everyone (and felt like I couldn’t leave) I truly felt nauseated. At one point I text-messaged Kevin from my pocket, and it read:

“You think we can just leave? I think if I wait for the next group to stand we can bail.”

I was only half joking. By the time the commencement was over I really didn’t feel up to much at all. I didn’t want to go somewhere to wait for a nice dinner, so I just picked a nice brick oven pizza place (with no wait, and no fuss).  I wasn’t feeling like I had much energy left, and it was just going to be too dramatic to try on dresses. I’ve been putting off dresses for quite some time, and this just wasn’t the day to change that.

I made them pose with me the pose prompt was: 'i just wanna get out of here!'

I was tired, getting cranky, and was not ready to deal with the let down of feeling insecure by trying on gowns. Instead I decided to take a second to be happy with myself. I did it. I finished my program, and was ready to put my Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership Studies with a specialization in Higher Education and Educational Psychology/Student Success. It was a milestone (even if it is already hanging crooked in the beautiful frame that Kevin got me as a graduation gift), and I wasn’t about to ruin it with stress about dresses. I decided to put body image issues, budgets, and dress decisions on the backburner for just a little longer. We went to the movies to see the Transformers movie instead of to the dress shop. All-in-all it was a nice day. We’ll cross the dress bridge when we get there…

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