A REAL Royal Wedding!

*I apologize for the delay in this post; I’d lost my camera cable and was unable to upload the picture at the end until now!


If you’re one of those Royal Wedding haters…


Photo Courtesy of Anglotopia.net

If you’re still reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you if this becomes too overwhelming! There weren’t many in-betweeners this past month — either you were giddy for the Royal Wedding, or tired of hearing about it. A few years ago, I (like many) may have been a little cranky about it… but the Wedding Bug has bitten me! I do a double-take at all things wedding, and I don’t care to admit it! It is fun!

While I don’t want to see anyone show affection… ever, I waited for that kiss and thought it was adorable. The entire time she was walking down the aisle I was overwhelmed with joy. I was happy for her, but also happy for me. I was imagining what it must feel like to walk down the aisle (even if your walk isn’t 5 minutes liker hers). I was thinking about how William was the very last to see her, and am grinning right now as I type this just remembering his expression. I have this tendency to take empathy a little overboard. (If you knew me well, you would laugh at this statement since ‘a little’ may be an underestimate)

I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, and laughed off all of the haters.

Thumper said it best:”if you can’t say somethin’ nice… don’t say nothin’ at all!”

I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding because I hosted a breakfast party for it! Granted, I didn’t like getting up so early… but I hate midnight movie premiers because of having to stay up so late just to see them first… It is about the experience! My house didn’t look a thing like a castle, but I tried very hard to make things regal! We wore our pajamas and pearls! Poor Daisy even had to join the fun!

We sipped tea,

(okay, we sipped punch… but I had English Breakfast Tea and Royal Raspberry Tea)

We ate crumpets,

(okay, I still don’t know what a crumpet is… but we had English Muffins with preserves, and strawberry shortcake tarts.)

We nibbled scones,

(okay, I made chocolate chip cookies.)

We had Brie and Stottie Cake,

(okay, we had spreadable Brie on melba toast. Brie actually is French, but it is called “The Queen of Cheeses“)

and enjoyed a lovely, royal fruit arrangement.

(okay, it wasn’t royal… but it was lovely!)

Most importantly:

We laughed, forgot our busy lives for a couple of hours, and enjoyed a girls morning in!

Some of the Royal Guests!

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One Response to A REAL Royal Wedding!

  1. LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE… i could go on and on. I got sucked into everything, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have food… well, I had a bowl of cheerios. and Diego on my lap 🙂 But it was so fun to watch. I watched it and got a little teary eyed thinking about my wedding day! 😀


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