If the shoe fits!

At this point I may not know much else about this wedding, but I think I’ve got one thing squared away — the shoes.

This whole shoe thing is difficult! You have to keep the dress in mind when you get the shoes so that it matches, but you have to know about how high the heels are so that you can ensure that the dress is tailored correctly. How on earth can you do both? What if you get white shoes and an ivory dress? White dress and ivory shoes? Shiny satin shoes with a matte lace dress? I think you get my point.

I decided to try to pick a shoe that doesn’t have any of those things. If it could match anything I won’t have anything to worry about! Besides, unless I pick a shorter dress it isn’t likely that the shoes are seen much anyway. I’ve seen that a common thing now is for brides to add a little bit of “flashy” to the ensemble with some non-traditional shoes. Whether they coordinate them with the bridesmaids dresses, the wedding color, the bride (or groom’s) favorite color, or (my favorite) the ‘something blue’ at the wedding. How about some of my choices for non-traditional?

In this Michael Antonio Red Pump, you would be sure you weren't in Kansas anymore! Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com

This photo doesn't do this shoe justice! This Menbur Arda platform pump is a deep vibrant purple with a jeweled bow. Photo Courtesy of Like.com

The "Taran" by R.S.V.P. is a fix for a girly-girl looking for pink and bling! Photo Courtesy of TheFind.com

I L-O-V-E this pump by Johnathan Kayne. It could be the something blue, and I love the feather & rhinestone accent. Peacock colors just may win when it comes to a wedding theme! Photo Courtesy of Shoes.com

If I was picking a winner… I’m not going to lie: it would be the feathers! I am in love with that deep blue, and the gorgeous purple, brown, and green on a peacock feather. Those rich gem-like colors are so elegant. I think that I will put the blue pumps on the list right under the shoes that I’ve fallen in love with. I must admit that I do acknowledge that they are just a little bit flashy… but did you see my choices before? If you know me, you know that I like to try to take things just a little overboard. I think these shoes fit that bill!

Very Prive in Aurora Borale by Christian Louboutin Photo Courtesy of us.ChristianLouboutin.com

Yeah, they’re certainly on the flashy side! I think that if they pop out from under the dress, they are bound to catch an eye or two! The super neat part for me is that they’re practically worry free! I mean, who would expect someone to “bedazzle” some wedding shoes? They aren’t designed to match something at all. These little gems could go nicely under about any dress. They just shine. Simple as that.

After all, doesn’t every Princess deserve a Glass Slipper?

Photo Courtesy of us.ChristianLouboutin.com

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