Bridal Motivation – Keep doing what you do

I have to continue to work on chilling out during this whole crazy planning process! To be really honest with you — I haven’t planned much at all! I’ve had only a few things to do… and I really haven’t done any of them! I’ve needed to:

1. Get into better shape.

2. Schedule an appointment to try on dresses.

3. Get a list of questions made up for the Disney Wedding Planner.

4. Set a real budget.


Not one of them has been accomplished.

I need to get into chill mode fast, though, because every single time I think of any of them… I get stressed! I literally am stressed that I haven’t done any of it, but refuse to do it because its stressful! I am working on being calm, cool, and collected! I mean, who loves seeing a gray haired, wrinkly bride that is in her 20’s? No one, that’s who! So before I give myself frown lines and grays… I’ve gotta get it together! Hey, I like a challenge.

The key to enjoying planning a wedding will have to be for me to continue to do everything that I normally would, and not feel rushed or overwhelmed integrating some planning time into my regular day. Lately, that would have been impossible… but I think with just a little more time donated in the beginning to getting things organized — I’ll be good to go! Starting as early as possible is the key.

Why put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today?

If I use my time wisely, I can plan a special day for Kevin and I that is hopefully entertaining for everyone else that we want to share it with. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. Speaking of what I’m doing, I got a wonderfully motivational email from a gal that I worked with earlier this year. She contacted me a while back to ask a favor of me.

Turns out, she was planning to bring her high-school-aged daughter to “bring your kid to work day” this past week. She thought her daughter was too old for it, but could really use some guidance when it came to college. I thought it was a great idea! I asked them to lunch, and sat aside some time to talk with them. I tried to talk about things that I wished I had known. I even ‘lectured’ her on the need to crack down now, and get used to taking notes and having to study. Then again, I didn’t have facebook to tempt me in high-school! I hoped it went well, and that I was able to make an impact. I later received an email that helped remind me why it is that I do what I do:

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s lunch and advice to my daughter! She was very impressed with you and your kind words of advice; I think it may just be the inspiration she needs to get her to “buckle down” for senior year. I realize the last person a teenager wants to listen to is Mom, so I think your insights were well received. There is a special place in Heaven for people like you who genuinely care about people, who go over and above the job description to do what’s “more than expected” and use all your talents to help anyone you can. ‘Bring your child to work day’ isn’t really meant for the older kids (like my daughter), but thanks for making it a successful experience for her!

I saved it.

I hope that some tough day I find it and remember why it is that I push through.

What do you do to find motivation?

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