Bridal Must Haves – Lips

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

If you aren’t feeling particularly kind today,

how about I share some of my lip favorites?

You cant judge me for having a lot of lip-stuff if I keep it organized, right?!?!?!

DISCLAIMER: I have to be completely honest — While I may have tons and tons of lip stuff… I rarely wear anything on my lips at all! If they’re particularly chapped or sore I certainly wear lipbalm and Vaseline. (Hey, I told you before that you can use the stuff for anything!)

Nivea LipBalm

I grab a new tube of this every week or so!

This is my go-to. If I’m wearing something… it is likely this! Every now and then you see someone with colored lipstick that just doesn’t match! Maybe it doesn’t match your skintone, hair, clothes, or the rest of your makeup. I know you just thought of someone. I’m currently thinking of those frosty pink lips that are almost silver a-la Britney Spears circa Hit Me Baby One More Time.  Yeahhhh so I’m going to just leave it at that. This is a nourishing balm that doesn’t leave your lips sticky, and doesn’t change their natural color at all! (Snag some in the checkout line next time you’re at Walmart!)

Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip-Liner

I dont care much for the brush on the other end, but this lip-liner is great!

Every now and then I use this liner in Nude to line my lips, and then smudge it with the built in brush on the other end. It is really close to my natural lipcolor, so it gives me a defined line without looking like it was drawn on 6 shades darker! Sometimes I don’t even fill it in with lipcolor: I just slap on some lipbalm so my lips don’t feel dry. This stuff is long lasting and smudge-resistant when it comes to keeping it on your lips, but also easy to smudge when you first put it on so that you get a natural look. Plus one crayon lasts forever!

Benefit Dr.Feelgood Lipscription

Get your lips out of Winter mode, and into Spring!

This stuff is awesome! It was at Sephora and Macy’s, but when I looked for a picture of it online it seems to have been discontinued. If I ever find it again – I will snatch this stuff up. It is a two step treatment. Step 1 is an exfoliating lipscrub Buffing Beads. You rub this stuff on in small circles. Rinse it off just like you’re washing your face. Step 2 is to slather on the Silky Lip Balm. I usually use this stuff in the winter, and always right before bed or if I’m just at home all day. It isn’t too greasy, but I really put it on thick! The name and packaging were just too hard to resist, and the product wasn’t a let down either. I read in a magazine that it can be really easy to buff your lips at home. If this stuff isn’t available anymore I think I’ll give it a try! Add some sugar to toothpaste until it is gritty, and apply in small circles with your fingertip.  OR Lightly go in small circles with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. After that slap on some Vaseline! Yes, I just went there again.

Chanel Aqualumière Gloss
High Shine Sheer Concentrate

I use the color "Freeze" from the beige line with the nude liner that I mentioned before.

This gloss goes on thick, so it can be just a little bit sticky — but it lasts forever! I rarely wear lip-gloss because of the sticky feeling. If I do need some color I tend to layer lipbalm over a lipstick. This gloss is one of the few that I will turn to! It is a little bit more expensive, but it lasts on your lips like few others can… plus since I may use it twice a month: one tube lasts forever!

Clinique Different Lipstick

A true classic that I can always rely on!

Now the Different Lipstick isn’t the only one from Clinique that I use. I also love their High Impact Lip Colour and Long Last Lipstick. All of the tubes look the same, so I’d have to look at every single one to tell you what different kinds I use! I tend to lean towards brown hues. I love their shades like Rose Aglow, Tenderheart, Sugared Maple, Berry Freeze, and Nude Beach. I have always wanted to go with the bright red lips, or peachy lips… but I am afraid that I would look silly. Some women can really pull that stuff off! I am not one of them.

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

This gloss gives you a hint of sheer color.

I got a gift set of Juicy Tubes a few years ago, and have continued getting it since. It is a very light gloss that isn’t sticky or thick. It goes on sheer, but still gives you a bit of color. It doesn’t last as long as some others, so you may need to reapply this one. Lancôme does make mini-tubes that fit well in a pocket, wristlet, or purse! This gloss smells delicious and juicy just like its name implies! Don’t let the name fool you though. Sure, it has the word Juicy in the name, but it doesn’t taste like juice at all! It is icky!

There you have it!

If my memory serves me correctly: I think we’ve about covered the entire face when it comes to makeup, right? Yes, we’ve covered it… but covering isn’t the point of makeup at all. Heck, half of the time half of us don’t have time for it at all! Makeup is about enhancing the beauty that you already have. If it is something that you love, then play dress-up! If it isn’t for you no worries, do what makes you feel best about yourself! You have my word that I will continue to share new products that are worth you knowing about! From my vanity drawers to yours…

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2 Responses to Bridal Must Haves – Lips

  1. Caitlin Hudkins says:

    Are you going to do any other Bridal Must Haves? If you’re into fingernail polish and perfume, those could be 2 more blogs to discuss!

    • Caitlin, seeing that you follow it enough to know what I haven’t done yet has just made my day!
      I have some ideas for Hair products, perfume, and polish! I’m just happy that I have a reader! School just let out here, so I’m finally able to get some writing (not for work or school) done. Keep an eye out for new stuff!

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