Two More Disney Princess Dresses to Add to the Mix!

I guess I posted too soon! Turns out, Alfred Angelo is in the process of releasing two new Princess dresses! I haven’t seen anything yet, but I would assume they’re in the same price and size range. Check them out!


Rapunzel Sketch Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

Okay, so if you haven’t seen tangled yet… you really need to get on that. This gown will be inspired after Rapunzel. Some other pictures that I’ve seen showed the bride wrapped in her veil just like Rapunzel is wrapped with her hair in some parts of the movie!


Cinderella Platinum Edition Sketch Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo.

You may be thinking that there already was a Cinderella dress. I was certainly a little confused when I read about this one. Turns out, this one is a special limited edition Cinderella Platinum Anniversary gown. This one is to celebrate the Disney 20 year anniversary.

For an official Sneak Peek, check out the Alfred Angelo Blog!

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