I guess we should talk dresses?

It has been a week or so since I’ve been able to blog. Trust me, I would much rather be blogging! With the end of school nearing I’ve been rushing to tie up loose ends all over the place! This evening I decided to take a break from all of that to talk to you about what is really on my mind right now:

Wedding Dresses

It isn’t like this will be my only post about dresses (trust me). I thought what better place to start than with dresses that can make any woman feel like she is a true Princess about to walk down the aisle to her Prince Charming? Yup, you guessed it… once again I’m going the Disney route. Designer Alfred Angelo has created an official line of dresses inspired by some of our favorite Princesses! The line reflects pieces of each of their stories and  personalities with a modern glamorous twist! Now you can have your own Fairy Tale romance without the need to be animated! I can’t lead you on any longer! Lets get to the dresses!


A dress designed to be part of anyones world! Photo Courtesy Alfred Angelo.

Of course, this is a mermaid-style dress designed for a mermaid! More than just the shape lends to the marine theme of this gown. It has a little bit of everything: taffeta, lace, re-embroidered lace, pearls, metallic accents, crystal beading, and sequins. It has very intricate rouching throughout the dropped waist, and uniform pick-ups where it meets the flair of the skirt. It certainly has a lot going on, but I think it all comes together nicely. You must admit, all of the detail that went into this dress is absolutely amazing whether it is your style or not! If you want to see more of the Ariel, head over to alfredangelo.com.


This dress picks up all of the romance of a dream. Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

Did you have to see the picture to know that Aurora was Sleeping Beauty’s real name? True to Princess form, this one is a ballgown. This gown has one shoulder strap, is peppered with flowers here and there, and the skirt really looks like a dreamy cloud! This one has tons going on just like the last! We’ve got re-embroidered lace, taffeta, and gossamer tulle. The bodice is ruched and accented with crystal beading. The flower on the hip helps the eye when it comes to symmetry, but the beauty of this dress is that it isn’t. The natural beauty of the pieces all coming together in a less than perfect way is stunning. See the detail close up for yourself.


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme... Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo.

This dress has the potential to make anyone the Belle of the Ball. This ballgown is fitted down through the bodice, but opens at the hip to a huge skirt. The corset style bodice is detailed with crystal and metallic beading that has just a hint of gold. Maybe the gold pays homage to Belle’s original yellow dress? The sheer shrug is removable, and made of the same tulle that the skirt is. The skirt has a top layer of pickups, and a bottom smooth layer. See the reflection of Belle in a little more detail.


This dress wasnt make for scrubbing floors! Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo.

This classic looking ballgown has a surprise as soon as the bride hits the aisle. Inspired by Cinderella’s Glass Slipper, this taffeta gown has an overlay of glitter net tulle. The sweetheart neckline really pops thanks to crystal bead-work and rhinestones. The center of the bodice is simple and elaborate at the same time with criss-cross ruching. You really have to look closely to see the glitter!


A dress perfect enough for "A Whole New World". Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

This dress has the simple elegance that Princess Jasmine stands for. Also like her, it is made of rich satin, but is very laid-back and informal. This one would be the destination wedding choice of the bunch. The loose flow of the dress makes it great to fit about any body type, and it even could double as a maternity gown. The dress is ruched throughout, but only fitted in the chest. The halter-style straps have the soft shimmer of crystals, pearls, and rhinestones. The rich Princess jewels drawing the eye to the center means that everyone is focusing right on the bride. Focus in on this one at AlfredAngelo.com.

Snow White

Be the fairest of them all in this gorgeous gown! Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo.

This ballgown reflects the elegance of Snow White, and the incredible beauty of nature. The bodice is covered with apple blossoms that lightly scatter over the skirt. The bodice is separated from the skirt with a shiny satin belt. The dress has rhinestone accents and a satin skirt with a tulle net overlay. This one is certainly a girly-girl kinda dress, but even with the flowers it is feminine in an understated way. Check it out!


In a gown this beautiful, you could marry a frog and no one would notice! Photo Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

Inspired by a Southern Princess as sweet as the beignets that she made! This ballgown is structured, but still has all of the natural beauty of the bayou. The bodice has one flowered shoulder strap, and a belt of flowers distinguishing the taffeta skirt that is covered with pick-ups. The ruched bodice with a sweetheart neckline would favor nearly any bride’s shape. The flowers throughout the dress have beautiful beading and rhinestones. It takes an up-close look to take in all of the detail on this gown.

These gowns really are made for all Princesses! They come in sizes 0 to 30, and a price range from $899 to $1300. Having the dress of your dreams can make you feel like royalty on your special day, and doesn’t every woman deserve that?

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One Response to I guess we should talk dresses?

  1. Rhonda Meadows says:

    A dress …. probably one of the hardest decisions you will make as you plan your wedding. My advice to you ….. don’t rush it. The right dress will find YOU! As for the ones you have on your blog, I like Snow White and Tiana.

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