Bridal Must Haves — Lotion

Lotion… now this one is important! I can not stand the feeling of tight, itchy, dry skin! I have a doctor that swears that many people wouldn’t need lotion if they would just take a week or two break from it. Apparently, your skin will eventually regulate itself.  Um… this one is an addiction that I’m not kicking anytime soon. I would not be able to handle two weeks without lotion, and I do not believe that my skin would regulate its moisture level. Then again, I don’t have a real medical degree: I just tend to think I do.

Below are the Lotion must haves according to Amy:

Nivea Body Lotion

I have this bottle sitting upside down in the bathroom right now to get the last couple drops out! I’ve gotta get some more!

This is a very light moisturizer that is packed with good things for your skin. It has a very light scent that really just smells clean. It could be something that a man could use (even though I think they may have a mens line). I put it on my arms, and the scent never competes with my perfume or leaves me feeling greasy!

A perfect size to keep in your purse, car, or desk!

This little tin fits so well in my purse, and is perfect for dry hands. The scent is light and clean, so I can share with anyone! As if two Nivea products in a row isn’t enough: I swear by Nivea’s lip-balm, too! <– Expect that in an upcoming lip favorites blog!

Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber

An all time favorite!

I love tons about B&BW! I have the Wallflowers, tons of lotions and body sprays, soaps, bodywash, and etc. I quit going there for a while to use up some of the things I had stock piled, so I really didn’t know any of their new scents. I was in there the other day, and just love all of their new light floral/fruity spring scents. The thing is: I have about 15 tubes of Sensual Amber Triple Moisture Body Cream. I love the stuff! It is a very bold, heavy scent… but it is really natural at the same time.  I keep it in my nightstand with a couple tubes of the cream in Vanilla Bean Noel (I hoard that, too. So much that I’m like two seasons worth of label designs behind… oops) I slather up with one of them and cocoa butter about every night.

Queen Helene – Cocoa Butter Stick

My mother swears that greasing up daily with this stuff kept her from getting stretch marks! During her pregnancy with me she carried about 40 extra pounds, and doesn’t have one stretch mark on her body!

This stuff is great. It is a 100% all natural stick of cocoa butter. It is super cheap, and smells like Cocoa Wheats… yum! The downsides: You have to get the stick warmed & melted enough to glide over your skin or it is rough. It does leave you feeling just a little bit greasy. I put it on my stomach, thighs, and backs of my hands. It isn’t the only cocoa butter product that I love.

Queen Helene – Cocoa Butter Lotion

A light, barely there moisturizer with that natural cocoa butter scent!

I sometimes put a thick layer of this allover right before I get out of the shower. I dry off just a little, and put this lotion right over the leftover water. I put it on thick, barely rub it in, and then just put my bathrobe right over it. By the time I’m ready to get dressed, it has soaked right in. At $3.00 for a HUGE bottle, I don’t feel bad using so much! It is a really light moisturizer, so if you’re really dry: it may not be for you. Sometimes I have to put lotion over any residual dry spots once it has soaked in. Every now and then I slap some baby-oil on, too!


A true classic.

Yup, many of my favorite lotions are the classics! This one isn’t a lotion, but it is a part of my regular routine. The gel kind is nice, the cream kind (1/2 lotion 1/2 baby oil) is awesome, and I use tons of the regular old stuff. (Hey, its cheaper!) It is perfect for tons of problems! I put a little drop on a dry spot. I rub it on dry knuckles, cuticles, or the backs of my hands. I’ve used it in a pinch as eye-makeup remover. If I have plenty of time to get ready for the day (and let it sink in) I’ll put it on my arms, legs, and feet. It is perfect to give your legs a light summer shimmer, or rub a fingertip’s worth on your heels once they’re in your best spring sandals to prevent the dry, ashy look. When I’ve given myself an at-home-pedicure I will rub it over my wet feet, put on a layer of Vaseline, and then top it off with some thick, fuzzy socks.


Not just for pageant teeth anymore! Um… do people really do that?

Yes… Vaseline. This stuff has been a miracle! I use it to keep my feet soft, but I’ve used it for much more than that! Spring allergies creep up right after cold season is gone. Constant blowing can leave a nose raw, sore, and peeling. A couple of years ago I had a doctor suggest that I put it on my chapped nose and cheeks before I went to bed. No, I wouldn’t suggest putting it on during the day unless you want to look like a grease-ball. I put it on really thick around my nose and lips before bed. It will also work as a great skin protectant if you ever have to be out on a cold or windy day! It keeps them from looking flaky. I have used it on my legs and heels to trade the desert look for smooth shine… but it really doesn’t smell as nice as the baby-oil.

Palmer’s Tummy Butter

If it’s cocoa butter — I’ll buy it!

Yes, this is advertised for expectant mothers. No… just no. that isn’t why I use this. Looking around my house wouldn’t help crush the rumor either! I use tons of the Palmer’s creams, lotions, and body butters. Most of them have the silhouette of a very pregnant woman on the label (just like the picture above). One Christmas my mom got me an entire basket of Palmer’s stuff. My younger brother said: “Hey, wait a second…are you having a baby?” Between weight gain, weight loss, and the natural aging process a woman’s skin is put through the works! Unfortunately, I didn’t get my mother’s genes when it comes to super elastic skin… I don’t know how well any of it really works (nope, not posting those embarrassing pictures on here to go with the fitness ones, either!), but I do use it as part of my daily routine on my tummy, hips, thighs, and bottom. The downsides to this one: I leaves you greasy. If you leave it laying out on a counter guests may think you’re expecting…  (expecting more than smooth skin, haha)

You can expect many many more Bridal Must Haves!

Any favorites that you couldn’t live without?

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One Response to Bridal Must Haves — Lotion

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ohhh bath and body works, How I love thee…
    I stock pile Twilight Woods body lotion – i use the triple moisture body cream, too. Vanilla Bean Noel is delicious, and when the holidays roll around, I’m ready to wear it Nov. thru Feb! I have used True Blue Spa’s “Hold it right there” body lotion for three years, it is my all time fave go to! When my elbows, heels, and knees feel dry, I dig into my jar of C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Pomegranite body cream. And last but certainly not least, Forever Sunshine is my favorite B&B scent for the warmer months. Mom, on the other hand, swears by Suave’s Naturals Oatmeal lotion in a humongous pump bottle and wouldn’t wear anything else, lol. One of my co-workers won’t use anything but Oil of Olay Quench body lotion.

    And shh… don’t tell, but Todd totally loves rubbing Coconut Lime Verbena lotion on his dry heels and sunburnt skin in the summertime! ha ha!

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