Bridal Motivation – Let’s make some changes

Lack of blogging due to fear of change?

I’ve been a little stressed when it comes to blog topics lately. I don’t want to leave you hanging… after all, this is a wedding planning blog! The thing is, I just don’t have any specifics. I can’t make a lot of plans because I need to know a venue. If we do Disney and it is possible financially — we certainly want to do two separate receptions  so that it is convenient for our guests. If we don’t do Disney… maybe we will only do one? Maybe we will do Disney, but still only are able to do one reception. The main problem, I kinda hafta know about Disney!

I don’t want to come up with all sorts of great ideas (and beg you for all of your opinions and help)… and then be crushed when plans change. I completely understand that even once I know a venue and date… things can always change. Since I am a Type A personality, I am working on preparing myself for the fact that things will change. Maybe not the venue, or the date… but decorations, food, etc.

Please note: I did not say that I am completely comfortable with this change… I said that I am working on preparing myself for it. Lately, when it comes to my job, my life, my health, and a few other things I have had to say “Well… it is changing and that is that, so I had better just adjust.” Honestly, I am not tooting my own horn here… not that I have a problem doing that… okay, maybe I am tooting my own horn:

In the last year I have come so far when it comes to dealing with change. I’ve learned to deal with it, and face it head on! The problem that I found was: the changes I was dealing with were often forced. I was only reacting to changes that I didn’t control. The thing that I am trying to change  is that I want to initiate some of the change. (are you getting all of the ‘change’ puns? How about another?)

I want to change my feelings about change.

Change can be something exciting.

I want to work to embrace change.

Real change.

Work to make changes that make me a stronger, smarter, healthier, more caring woman

… and be happy with, embrace, and be proud of that change.


Today I feel motivated to make real changes! I promise to roll with the changes, and work to initiate new ones. I am going to continue to find ways to share the planning with you. I am being honest when I tell you that I post about everything that goes on when it comes to the planning.  When I started this blog today I envisioned it as explaining to you why you aren’t seeing color swatches, flowers, dresses, decorations, and invitations… maybe even a little rant about how worried I can be. Something like: I just don’t want to think everything out, start planning, and have everything change! Not only will I have the heartbreak of our dream not working out, but I will have to publicly announce that it didn’t work out.

Before I even got through the second paragraph I knew that I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. Having things not work out as you planned can be tough to deal with, but I have to remind myself of the win/win habit that I posted about last time. If something about the wedding changes, then I need to remember that no matter how long I plan:

Whether it is exactly how I envision it today or slightly different than expected, at the end of that day I will be married…

I will start a whole new life.

Talk about change…


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