New Series! Bridal Must Haves

I love that the media always portrays women as having beauty secrets. In reality, I’ve always seen women more than happy to share a beloved beauty product with their girlfriends! I always love the section in magazines where the editors pick their favorite new products. I love trying new things, but I also love that there are many things out there that are tried and true for me! As I continue to plan for the wedding, I will be thinking about things like makeup, hair, skin, and etc. I figure, why not share some of my favorites with you?

Okay, so this series is really about products, but I do have to mention that I’ve worked on my blog tonight with my absolute all-time favorite must haves: My family! I sat propped up in bed with my laptop, the window open so that I could hear (and smell) the rain, and my pets. Kevin got home earlier than expected, and had brought me a present! Weeds Season 6 on Blu-Ray! So… now he is watching that beside me, and my blogging inspiration is complete! I can enjoy lotions, powders, and cremes all day… but without them I’d never be happy!

My most essential must-have! A relaxing evening at home with my pals! Daisy by my side, Gordy in the window, and Stitch at my feet!

So, with themes like makeup, face, hair, skin, nails, and etc. expect many more posts in which I share my bridal must haves!

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