I’m still alive… no, really!

I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog! I have just been outrageously busy! This past Sunday I decided to adopt a kitten. I know, right?!?!?!?!? He was just too cute, and looked just like Gordy when he was a baby… so I couldn’t let him sit there not getting adopted!

I added this picture to facebook earlier this week with the quote, "Jealousy is a younger, thinner, nicer version of yourself."

I spent the week trying to get my work done, my house straightened, and my pets integrated before flying to Savannah, Georgia for a conference. The forum –Inspiring Identity: The Best First Days of Class Ever– focused on student success. It was a great conference, a nice time with friends, a wonderful chance to meet new people, and I brought back sooo many ideas to implement in the classroom!

I flew into Pittsburgh around an hour after Kevin boarded a flight to New York! I just missed him! He should be home Friday, so I’ll see him before you know it! I was very impressed with his cleaning abilities, and he hung a painting that we got more than a month ago. It looks much better actually on the wall rather than leaned up against it. I wasn’t home for more than 10 minutes before my Mom and Mamaw Dottie came to visit. I came with them today to a few appointments at UPMC. Boy, I love wearing WVU gear to a Pitt facility!

Anyway, I have a few ideas rolling around in my head for some upcoming features… so keep an eye out! I have a guest blogger, Mrs. Stephanie Snyder, coming up later this week… so get psyched! She is a wonderful writer, and is amazingly creative and artsy… like the kind of person that is just good at everything… yup, that’s her! Keep an eye out!

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One Response to I’m still alive… no, really!

  1. Stephanie S says:

    You’re just too stinkin’ sweet, lady! TOO stinking sweet. I love your kitten – Diego needs a playmate next year, so i’m thinking a girl orange tabby if i can find one!

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