another installment of Bridal Motivation

Today I was looking for inspiration for another installment in the Bridal Motivation portion of the blog, so I did a basic google search for “self-help tape”… in hopes of being able to turn some actual motivational topics into wedding themed ones. The first result was:

“Cleaning Out The Closet of Your Mind”

Rather than getting into the whole notion of removing some of the clutter in my mind to help relieve stress (not that it isn’t a bad idea!)    :

I’m going to take the whole ‘cleaning out the closet’  thing literally!!!!! I actually do need to clean out my closet! The thing is… my closet isn’t your average closet. When we moved in, Kevin and I converted a guest room into a walk in closet. We lined the walls with Rubbermaid Closet Kits, and use the actual closet in the room just for shoes! We also stuffed in a dresser, Gordy’s cleverly disguised as a plant litter box, a tie rack, my vanity, a couch, and a small entertainment center with a tv, dvd player, wii, and old school gaming systems like Nintendo, PS1, and PS2. Because it is kind of my room and I hang out in there a lot, we just call it “the closet room.”

Sure, on paper (… or computer screen, I guess) it sounds really cool… in real life… it’s a hot mess! It would be too embarrassing to me and my family to put a photo up, so how about I just describe it??

Gordy has kicked litter all over. I have jumped to snatch shirts off the top shelf, and knocked the rest over. Things aren’t folded well. The clothes that need folded are lying all over the couch (minus the one spot that Daisy and I bulldozed the things to the side of, so that we could watch the news)! The shoes are spilling out of the closet. My vanity is a catch all. There are two large clothes baskets full of clean folded laundry that need put away. You can barely get into the bathroom because of the piles of (separated and ready to go downstairs to the laundry room… but still haven’t made it down there yet) laundry! Kevin’s luggage is behind the couch with a tote of leftover Christmas decorations and random office supplies – both of which need to be taken to storage! Last but not least, I was looking for a sneaker, and happened to look under the couch… Daisy has officially hoarded a cookie, 13 toys, a green jolly rancher, a cough drop, and 4 socks under it!

No wonder she goes under there all of the time!


She doesn't mind the piles. This can go in with the whites, right?

Cleaning out this closet will actually help me shake out some of the cobwebs in the good ole mental closet too! It can be so stressful when things aren’t where they belong! I guess I had better quit typing, and get to folding, organizing, and putting away, huh?

If things get straightened up, maybe I will upload a picture to let you see what it SHOULD look like!

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