The only date final right now is Tax Day!

Well… I’ve been out of blogging commission for a few days… not because of some sort of crazy illness or injury (even though that may be your first thought) … or because of a lack of things to talk about… actually it is just the opposite! I have so much going on that it is hard to find the time to even talk about it! Unfortunately, my lack of time… and lack of a fiance has limited me some in the planning department.

This is busy season for Kevin. Yes, it is tax season… Yes, he is an accountant… but No, he DOES NOT do taxes. I was surprised too! I mean, I thought accountants did peoples taxes??? Nope, not him. Every year around now, (when I expect him to do my taxes, and he is just as stressed about it as the rest of us non-accountant Americans) we get back to the discussion: “So what exactly do you do?”

Truth be told – I still don’t know what the heck he does! He is gone a lot. (My dad says that I don’t really have proof that he has a job other than the sweet lefty pens I steal from him with his company’s logo, and he really has a girlfriend in every city.) What I do know is this: He gets to fly all over the place, have his own hotel room, and eat out in all kinds of different restaurants! Of course, that is the part I actually understand… and it doesn’t seem that bad to me! Then again, they do say that the grass tends to be greener. I know there are some days when he leaves for work by 7:30am, and gets

back home around 10pm. I know he works some weekends. I know that he just laughs at me when I’m unable to explain what he does. I know that he works very hard, and I’m grateful to be constantly motivated by seeing his work ethic. Needless to say, this post makes me look far less than supportive, and I still haven’t even been able to tell you what Kevin does for a living. He is a CPA, and he works long hours counting beans.

Don’t ask him to do your taxes.

CPA? Oh yeah, Ladies... that is a sword! He was 'knighted' in Cinderella's Castle on Thanksgiving!

Anyyyyway. As for the wedding planning:

I just sent an official email to Camp Caesar in Cowen, WV requesting that they hold a tentative date in summer 2013 for us. We’ve scheduled a Disney trip for late May. I booked the flights yesterday, Kevin booked the room this past weekend, and we’re getting annual passes soon. I will make some calls to the Disney Wedding Team soon to see if we can’t book our first sit down consult for when we’re there in May. Unfortunately, we can not make a deposit (which means no finalized date) until December 1, 2011… so just a little more planning everything tentatively until we have an official, set in stone (or written in a reservation book somewhere at Disney) date.

Keep your fingers crossed, and hope my eyes don’t end up that way before all of this setting a date kind of stuff is over!

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One Response to The only date final right now is Tax Day!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ahh.. good ol’ camp ceasar, That’s where Todd & I had the reception… if i had to do it over, I might want a ceremony on Marshall’s campus, but I would never replace that reception at Camp Ceasar! It was too much fun, and decorated beautifully. I ordered 200 black, white, and light pink balloons to scatter all over the floor, like an old school prom or something. My bridesmaids helped me inflate them the night before… I’m pretty sure they hated my guts!

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