Decision Time!

Disclaimer: Themes, Venues, and Dates are subject to change based upon availability and preference!

We set a date! Well, kinda… we set our dream date!

We’ve been stuck when it comes to any other plans since: you sort of need a date, venue, and budget before you can do anything else! I think we’ve finally accomplished that!

(… and it wasn’t easy, either! I suggested that we each plan our own wedding, and then make trades and deals like you would with Halloween candy! Sounds like a crazy method, but it works for us!)

Kevin and I have wanted a Disney Wedding for quite a long time, and thats kind of how the whole Disney proposal came about. We picked three dates due to the fact that if we do a destination wedding, we would like to do a reception back home in each of our home towns.

So we are currently working on three dates with three separate venues. Given that Disney works out, we would then plan for Late Spring/Early Summer 2013 reception parties in Wheeling, WV and Cowen, WV.

At this point, our hopes are:

December 1, 2012 – Walt Disney World (its impossible to plan a Disney wedding for December of this year!) December 1st is actually the date that we met, and we’re hoping for an actual time of day that matches as well. This event will be a very intimate immediate family only ceremony. We envision traveling down two or three days before the ceremony, and staying another couple after it.

The ceremony would be held in the Wedding Pavilion on the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon, inside the Grand Floridian Resort:

The view of the Wedding Pavilion from the lagoon.

It sits right on the beach.

Can you imagine seeing your Prince at the end of this aisle?

Maybe the best part of the pavilion? Cinderella's Castle in the horizon.

We would then do the cake cutting ceremony, toast, and reception party… The party would then take place on The Grand 1 Yacht on the Seven Seas Lagoon  to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

Stay tuned for much more planning!

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